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Marg Green has been in the mortgage industry serving Mississauga and the surrounding area for over 25 years. Marg has helped thousands realize their dreams of homeownership....all with no fees for her assistance (oac). Marg's lifelong commitment to her clients has earned her a reputable place in the mortgage industry and national recognition for her business results and ethics.

Marg has an office at 34 Village Centre Place, Suite 300 in Mississauga at Hurontario and Highway 403. Her warm and welcoming office is a great place for clients to discuss their mortgage options. Marg has a team of 10 Associate Mortgage Planners, all of whom have their own areas of mortgage expertise and database of satisfied clients and referral sources.

When you deal with Marg, you never feel like you're just a file. Marg likes to roll up her sleeves so you get to know each other better. She needs to be clear on your needs today and your goals for the future. Marg develops mortgage plans for her clients that often begin with their first purchase and carries them to their next mortgage need, whether it’s for a trade up home, real estate investing, cottage property, or debt consolidation. With access to more than 50 financial institutions – including major banks, credit unions, trusts and other national and regional lenders – Marg can get mortgage financing for almost any situation.

Marg is proud to be in the business of providing a great mortgage experience throughout her clients' mortgage years. Referrals from her growing numbers of satisfied customers, realtors and financial planners have fuelled her business growth. Marg ensures that her clients are so completely satisfied with her level of service that they'll be eager to refer their family, friends and colleagues.

Marg Green is here to help you!


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About Concierge Mortgage Group


Con ∙cierge noun  ∙Original meaning is keeper of the keys

Today: Experts in customer service, a concierge demonstrates exemplary patience, unfailing discretion and high levels of knowledge. They have tact and integrity. They also have lots of initiative, the skills to multitask and the ability to keep cool. A concierge offers first class specialized service. 

You're off to a great start with a company that offers specialized mortgage expertise, in-depth industry insight, and exceptional resources.  Like a concierge, we are your "go to person" when it comes to all your mortgage inquiries, and want to ensure you have a "pleasant experience" during your mortgage transaction.

Concierge Mortgage Group is a boutique brand that works in partnership with Mortgage Intelligence,a respected national brokerage, with an elite core of experienced mortgage professionals adhering to our strong value system of exceptional service and taking care of your needs. 

We have enduring partnerships with a  network of  50 lending institutions, providing negotiating power and a wealth of product choice, ensuring the best mortgage and rate to cater to your specific financial situation.

What does such expertise and access to a vast financial network cost? Nothing! There are no arranging fees (oac). Instead, the lender we agree on pays compensation for the services and solution provided, and only after your mortgage has closed.  And since business is built primarily through  referrals, your positive experience is essential for our business growth. 

Guests approach the traditional concierge seeking suggestions, asking questions and searching for problem resolutions. Not so different from the guests of Concierge Mortgage Group. Whether you have a question on rates, a problem with high debt or need suggestions on accessing equity, we ensure you have a 5 star experience

We know you won’t be arriving in a limousine, but we’ll roll out the red carpet for you just the same!


Visit the Concierge Mortgage Group website.

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